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Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - Race Reports
Family Business This post is a bit late. I know because my mom mentioned the lack of an update to me yesterday. At least one person is reading this stuff.

So I finished Dairlyland. After the last post there were 4 more crits. I did 3 of them. Thursday was the crit in Sheboygan, flat and my legs felt terrible. Friday was back in Fond du Lac, lapped the field and ended up 5th. I got Saturday off and Sunday in Madison featured tired legs.

Overall I had mild success at TOAD. But the team, Kenda/5, was awesome. We won 8 of 11 stages, the overall and a bunch of primes along the way. Not sure if I'd do it again on account of the whole crit thing, but it was fun to win.

On the way home I stopped in Boulder for a day and then it was 4th of July Crit time. That was a mistake. I did virtually nothing and was pretty much bonking while hanging onto the back.

So that's how I did 9 crits in 2 weeks. To compare I did 8 crits all of last year. And no, I'm not a crit monkey now.

Recent news is that Kenda is NOT doing the Tour of Utah this year. Such ends my 4 year streak. Last year I got made fun of by Levi Leipheimer, who knows what could have happened this year.

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